We have been quietly working on two E-commerce projects in the background but now we are taking on new clients for new websites from £250. We are fair with our rates and let you in on the full process; open and honest. We also have experience in marketing in B2b and B2c, and so we are only one email away for any free advice.

Open and honest

We work on WordPress and use the best theme AVADA. Take a look – https://avada.theme-fusion.com/

We won’t pull the wool over your eyes like other Agencies who charge an arm and a leg and tell you it is a “bespoke design” when in reality, they are placing a theme on the website. I have seen this working in marketing departments and even on myself when I first started.

Alex – Owner of Castle Marketing
“I have worked at a construction company that paid thousands for a website with a contact form as the only functionality and a basic theme”.

What is the benefit of using Avada?

There are 70 different designs to choose from. So if for example, you are a builder, you can select the construction theme. We will then go through the process of setting the website up with the design and then look at personalising it to your requirements.

Can I do it myself?

If you haven’t done the full process of creating a website and getting it to market it can be a long and lengthy process. We can make the websites bespoke to your business whilst utilising the Avada theme for free stock images and layouts to speed up the process and massively reduce your costs. We understand Avada extremely well as we have been using it for three years now. Not only that, we can help you utilise all the key features of WordPress, Avada, and other great functions and plugins we have picked up along the way. Furthermore, we can manage the site for you once it is complete on a retainer or what a lot of our clients do just on an ad-hoc basis.

“Alex at Castle Marketing is brilliant. He not only provides a great service delivery but he is an approachable and hardworking individual. On many occasions, he has gone above and beyond designing our websites and has offered advice on Public Relations and google ads. We were so pleased with the first website, Showstar Ents, we awarded a second website for Alex to design”


Alex – Owner of Castle Marketing

“When I left University I wanted to start my own business but did not know how to create a website. With a few extra functionalities than normal required, I found someone who charged me above and beyond what I now know I should have paid and tried telling me he had done months of work when in reality he had put a theme on and charged me hundreds of pounds. I then decided to try and do websites myself working on family and friends websites and after a while go the hang of it. I would say if you like a challenge or if you are very tech-savvy by all means build the site yourself using the Avada theme, however, websites can be tricky and so we recommend letting us implement and custom design for you, and then we can address a training package on how to use it for yourself, because after all, who wants to pay someone every time they want to load a picture or blog up? We have seen design agencies charge near £100 an hour just to copy and paste a blog!”

We can set restriction rights so that you don’t need to touch anything that could damage the site so that you can do the little things regularly with the piece of mind that your website is safe.

I have been told that I should get a website developer to do my website but they seem expensive?

We say to all of our clients that unless you need lots of bespoke functionality and customisation, then to start off with an Avada package on WordPress with us is perfect. You would be surprised, companies that are making £100M revenue a year are on WordPress, so for a start-up or small business are packages are perfect.

Should I just go to a big corporation and pay £300 for a website and be done with it?

You tend to find a poor service and no close contact to get exactly what you want from the website. We will listen to the requirements you want and even advise you on if they are necessary or not, instead of charging you even if it isn’t required; open and honest.